Employeer Branding

Employer Branding is very essential in today’s market to attract and retain the talent which will move the brand forward.

Employeer Braning

ust as a customer brand proposition is used to define a product or service offer, an Employee value proposition or EVP is used to define an organisation's employment offer.

Likewise the marketing disciplines associated with branding and brand management have been increasingly applied by the human resources and talent management community to attract, engage and retain talented candidates and employees, in the same way that marketing applies such tools to attracting and retaining clients, customers and consumers.

Employer Branding is very essential in today’s market to attract and retain the talent which will move the brand forward.

Brand Culture is the lifeblood

Companies with consistent, distinctive and deeply held values which becomes a culture later on tend to outperform those companies with a less clear and articulated ethos.

Employeer Brand - Key Components

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Employee Kit


Employee Kit contains the essential ingredients necessary to welcome a new employee. The objective of this kit is to make the new employee familiar with the organisation’s philosophy, Value system, vision and its expectation from him/her.

The employee kit is composed of a welcome letter from the MD / HR- Head, Corporate Brochure, Company Rule Book, Detailed Employment Form, Biz card, Id card with Multicoloured Branded Tag and Stationery like Branded Notebook, Pen, Files..etc

HR Presentation

Sufficient care has to be taken to explain the policy matters which will help in building strong work ethos.

This presentation is quite vital as it helps in creating the right picture about the organisation in the minds of new employees. It has to be in detail, clearly illustrative so that time can be saved in explaining again, it has to be motivating and help them visualise their growth in the company.


Campus Requitment Kit


This helps the HR team to create a favourable impression about the brand before an educational institution - it has all the information necessary about the organisation to build confidence with the institution.

It contains corporate brochure, request letter to the principal / chairman for the recruitment, posters for placing inside the college notice board & banners for placing it inside the campus to inform the students about the recruitment.

Employee Contest


To keep up the motivation levels very high it is necessary to have games. This not only increases productivity but also increases energy levels within in the organisation

A game can be within a department or interdepartmental. Special recognition given to the best sales representative or a top performer in any department is one aspect.Under proper game plan there will be score board where scores will be added lively as per the performance and the winner gets a special award and recognition.

The philosophy and the strong value system of a brand is conveyed through branding which builds trust and confidence with its employees, business partners and customers.


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